Dometri Companies, LLC

Dometri Companies we help you repair and restore your credit to help you maximize credit potential, fico scores and helps you achieve your financing goal of home ownership. We can help you understand your financing strengths and weaknesses. We analyze your credit report as is you were to apply for a mortgage. We help you repair your credit items that are preventing you from buying a home now.

We've been helping Arizona home buyers fix their credit to qualify for financing since 2008 and we pride ourselves on providing expert credit repair service and experienced support. We are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals by asserting their legal rights. Repairing your credit is your legal right, with or without help from an expert! We follow all state and federal laws; we never charge an upfront fee. We are committed to our clients and are rewarded in helping them realize their dreams. Your credit won't repair itself; you need to take action.

Dometri Companies Commitments

  • We want to educate you about credit and help you succeed in the lease option program to achieve all your credit goals.
  • We value our customer service and client relationships and we want you to be 100% satisfied with our program.

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